Where Our History Begins

Where we came from...


The Youth Ministry of the North America started in 1996. The aim was not just to have a gathering of Christian Youth, but also to develop them as a beacon of light to everyone saved or unsaved. The Ministry was founded as an appropriate response by the Church to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in actively evangelizing and disciplining youths.

The ministry has since grown to reach not just those that attend the annual convention every year but youth all over the nation via our social community and local parish support.

Our Mission

We are the Christian Youth of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, North America, and exist to give God glory.

Our mission is to help the youth to become more Christ-like and filled with the desire and passion to serve and love Him more.

Our vision is to introduce Youth from all Nations to Jesus Christ and to help them grow to be more like Him. We want to implement the tasks of teaching, counseling, praying, mentoring, and training Youth and Teenagers.

Our Code