For the Wise

Preacher: Pastor Moji 
Bible Text: Exodus 

Feelings can be fickle; don’t always base your actions on them. 

Drugs and alcohol are not a great escape from reality; they destroy your brain cells and inhibit your decision making. 

Honor your mother and father and those placed in authority over you. God placed them over you for your benefit. 

Sex outside of marriage can have drastic consequences. It can lead to unexpected pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease, and ungodly soul ties. God designed sex in marriage for good, but the devil twisted and perverted it by making it “attractive” outside of marriage.  Don’t believe lies.

Suicide to escape life’s problems is never the answer. Don’t be fooled: suicide is pre-meditated murder. Turn to Jesus; He will provide a means of escape you can live to talk about! 

Use discernment with regards to the games and toys you play with. They often carry unwanted additives such as violence and the occult.

Realize that very filthy and vile act has been portrayed on the big screen, from murders and adulteries to witchcraft and mockeries of God’s Word – all in the name of entertainment. Watching such things will inevitably cause you to compromise your Christian walk. 

Be careful of the music you listen to. Music was created by God to praise and worship Him alone. Therefore, use discernment in regards to what music you listen to.

Remember, Jesus is the only way to heaven – not works, being a good person, performing so-called penance, being baptized, partaking in sacraments, or taking pilgrimages. The only way you can be saved is by trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and allowing Him to purge away your sinful ways.

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